RUDEBOYS is the latest single by Scepta (pronounced Septa), slated for release June 25, 2021. It’s a reggae dancehall track production by Derrick Barnett and Lamar Reynolds under the World Scann Family label with Scepta as executive producer. Derrick is responsible for the instrumentation and Lamar (LMR Studios) was responsible for the engineering, mixing and mastering.

Scepta’s music has always been music with a message with the focus on talking to the youths. From his first album, APPEALING THOUGHTS to his recent 5 track cd compilation, TELL YUH BOUT YAAD in March 2020, always includes a message for the youths. The track RUDEBOYS is no different. It’s a plea for them to put down the guns.

As a Rastafarian Pan Africanist and youth soccer coach, Scepta lives what he preaches in which the youths need to look towards their future and become productive people. The guns and that lifestyle lead to a short life and destruction.

To view and listen to a 14 second promotional clip of RUDEBOYS click here…

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SPI Records & Red Carpet Records

Joint music venture between SPI Records, Sidney Mills and Red Carpet Records, Mikey Assassin in releasing the song STRANGE THINGS by Rob Symeonn.

STRANGE THINGS (Lyric Video) by Rob Symeonn

Red Carpet Productions and Rob Symeonn have a prior work history so it was only a matter of time they worked again. There will be other projects coming out soon in 2021 under the Red Carpet banner like for instance an official video for STRANGE THINGS. So make sure you subscribe to RED CARPET YOUTUBE to be notified of its release

SPI RECORDS has been constantly releasing records for years. At first it was under the banner of LIVING ROOM RECORDS then another root was formed which became SPI RECORDS. Both labels exist independently and cohesively. Subscribe to SPI RECORDS YOUTUBE to keep up with the latest. Click here for STRANGE THINGS Also check out HEAVEN which is another production with Rob Symeonn.

Rob Symeonn aka The Spark Igniter has a catalogue of music some of you have missed. Check out some of ROB’S CATALOGUE here and don’t forget to leave a comment.

What’s Going On In February

There are many songs that speak about Jamaica and its beauty. Here is one of many songs. It was a finalist in The JCDC Music Festival in 2015. Song titled, Tell Yuh Bout Yaad by Scepta. Find more about Scepta

Tell Yuh Bout Yaad by Scepta

DJ Mikey Assassin representing Demolition Sound classic I Wayne Lava Dub Mix. Add this to your youtube playlist.

I Wayne Lava Dub Mix

Sas ElGringo new single, PRAYER out now on Vevo. Sas has currently a string of hits on Vevo. Take a listen and subscribe to his channel

DJ Puffy HYPE NEW DANCEHALL MIX. Music from across the Caribbean

DJ Puffy

January 2021

After I Octane pulled a prank on the vloggers and everyone hungry for news about “the good tings” he dropped a single, NEXT. Like he said, “It’s a movie”…Check it out

NEXT BY I Octane

After a some time promoting the song DASH DIRT. DJ Ellygan of Red Hot Radio took the next step and made a video after a good response of his song. Watch here…

DASH DIRT by Ellygan

World’s fastest runner Usain Bolt is in the music fast lane alongside NJ with a new video LIVING THE DREAM. Only thing is Usain must have said his part so fast I keep missing it. You tell me if you see him sing rap or dj… check it out

Looks like an attempted kidnapping that never worked out. That’s a TOXIC relationship. Shaneil Muir & Daddy 1 recently released the visual drama. Check it here

TOXIC by Shaneil Muir & Daady 1

This video is playful comedic style presentation of the representation of the fluffy girls. The song is FAT GIRLS MATTER. They picked the right man & women for the acting parts. Song by Laa Lee so check it out

People always say that Aidonia takes a while before he releases his music but this year he let loose one called DAT EAZY for a new year start. Check it out

DAT EAZY by Aidonia

Final Releases (December 2020)

Lion Melta ~ Gelato
Munga Honorable & TeeJay ~ Mind Pon Di Millions
Raggamuffin CB ~ FATHER
Daddy Bostin Da Shortest And Da Baddest
LONDON RIDDIM Medley by House Of Muzik Ent

Latest Releases (December 2020)

Latest videos in dancehall, rap, pop and afrobeat in December 20.

If you’re an artist, songwriter or producer and haven’t heard about SoundExchange, check out this video in how to collect your royalties on digital platforms. These are the royalties that Ascap & BMI miss. CLICK HERE

Stylo G ~ Oh Lawd #dancehall

Agent Sasco (Assassin) ft. Kranium ~ No Stranger To Danger #dancehall
Prince Swanny ~ Heathen #dancehall #trinidad
Alkaline ~ We Up #dancehall
Tilly Beng ~ Beng Beng #dancehall
Rytical ~ We Don’t Fear #dancehall
Davido ~ Jowo #afrobeat
Lil Wayne ~ Something Different #rap
Chris Brown & Young Thug ~ City Girls #pop
Teejay ~ Internet Badness

New Video Uploads

Ras Fitzgeral’s Official Music Video is making its rounds as that happy melody song with bad news. Just like he sings in his lyrics, he’s “singing it kinda pretty but it’s not sweet”. For how he sings it is a contrast to the words and the visuals. Check out Ras Fitzgeral’s, NEW WORLD ORDER. Make sure to Comment Like & Subscribe

Jamaican born reggae artist, Loyal Flames is on a project with Lion King Muzik & Rymshot Muzik with a song titled, LION. Tough riddim with even tougher lyrics.

I n I A Lion And I Tell Yu That This Fire’s Gonna Burn 🔥Woyyyy Chant Dutty Babylon Yu Seeit None A Dem Nuh Concern” Check out this promo and look out for this tune to drop November 2020

This video is a bit longer but it documents Scepta‘s journey in preparing for his EP launch showcase March 14, 2020. This was right during the times when covid was locking down New York. The decision was to proceed with the event. The following week, New York City went on lockdown. Check out Scepta’s journey in rehearsing, promoting and performing on the TELL YUH BOUT YAAD EP RELEASE

House Of Muzik Entertainment is working with Brooklyn based artists in reggae, rap, r & b with many other genres mixed & fused together. CEO Steve Austin, started this record company to assist artists in voicing, promoting and marketing. Currently there will be two official videos released in November 2020 featuring the songs, DUNN’S RIVER by Terrorist and Jaye Britts, also FATHER by Ragamuffin CB. Follow House Of Muzik Ent on Instagram for all the updates and links

One purpose of a website..

Photo by Pixabay on

My Opinion

Every artist should have a website…

In my opinion, because artists can have so many portals like TIK TOK, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer and many more, it is good to have in one place, everything about you and your project. Instead of naming all the individual places you rest your music, you can tell people to check your website www. which can hold all of your musical links. Whether it’s a website or even a one-page, it’s a great one stop place for people to find you.

Meanwhile enjoy the videos below from some of dancehall’s popular artists out of Jamaica

Jahmiel, Bugle – Signs of The Times (Official Video)
Popcaan – UNDA DIRT (feat. Masicka & Tommy Lee) (Official Audio)
Shenseea – Good Comfort (Official Music Video)
Sound Like – Jakal ft Skillibeng
Jada Kingdom ~ WiN (Official Music Video)
Intence – Wounded (Official Video)

Understanding SoundExchange

SoundExchange is another royalty collection agency that artists need to register into in order to collect the money that’s owed to them, in the digital market, as a rights holder and a featured artist..

How Artists Lose Money by #Discmakers

Featured this week is reggae artist, Don G singing, WE NEED A CHANGE. Label: One Tree Records. Please like, comment and share this video


Reasons To Buy CDs

DJ KayFelly Decides to take you way back to what he calls the Flame that started the current Music Industry Heat. This Mixtape covers sounds published decades ago and is sure to give you goosebumps as it takes you way back to Good Old Music.

Mixtape: DJ KayFelly – Flame Mixtape

Available on Audiomack


Yes, CDs sound better than vinyl.

One of the great myths in the audio world is that vinyl sounds better than CDs. It’s just not true. Sure, you might prefer the warm analog sound, specifically its crackling and other imperfections, as well as the visceral experience of actually dropping the needle on a spinning record, but CDs are simply the best sounding physical audio format that most people can get their hands on. Compared to vinyl, CDs are able to produce a wider dynamic range and more bass. Plus they’re not going to skip (unless scratched). Read more… (Article by GEAR PATROL)

Squash – Different Rankin | Official Music Video |
DaBaby – PEEPHOLE (Official Music Video)
Rod Wave – Letter From Houston (Official Music Video)